Sunday, September 25, 2005

Late-nigt Beer Drinking is Fun!

After waffling over going to a school social last night for several hours, and not eating enough dinner as a result (a banana?), I finally got off my ass, put on a kicky skirt and made it out the door. Unfortunately I only had access to one-half of the food table so ate far too little (two chicken wings?) but I felt surprisingly not hungry. I had only had one drink so at the end of the night I ended up driving a couple people home and heading to Lee, Wozzle and Meaghan's place, where we sat up till nearly 4am drinking beer and talking about school, exams, sex and hair colour. Then I fell asleep on their couch and woke up at 8:30am with a dry, beerish mouth and just enough guilt about leaving my cats home alone. It was fun and I'm glad I got off my anti-social ass and talked to some profs and fellow students...especially my doctoral compadres who are in the same circle of candidacy-exam hell as I.

Now I'm craving poutine and gatorade. Good times.
doctor T 9:32 a.m.


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