Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday, Monday....

Now that Mike and I are both in school life is getting back to a proper workweek-then-weekend rhythm, which also means Mondays feel like Mondays again. In some ways it's not so bad, as weekends can involve very little work and much less guilt, but it also means there are all the stupid Monday associations for Monday. Like getting up early, answering emails, actually getting things done during the day, etc. Today I got up at 7:25 am for no good reason; I just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep within a few minutes so I got up. It's nearly 10:00 am now and I'm still feeling a bit bleary-eyed but I think it's because it's grey and cool out. I like a bit of sun in my mornings. They're cheerier that way.

Good news of the week: I recieved my contract from the Fiddlehead on Friday. I've signed it and now I have to attach some biographical information and send it off to them. In a few months I'll be a published poet. And I'm actually getting paid. They are publishing four of my Picchu poems, so now I have no reason not to send more Picchu poems for publication. Besides sheer laziness, of course. If anyone cares to check out the venerable Fiddlehead site, here's the link: The Fiddlehead. Soon my name will be somewhere on that page!

Now I must put on my academic head and begin the workday.
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