Monday, October 03, 2005

More Updatey

In response to Michelle's oh-so-eloquent request for more updatey, I will post about my very boring life.

Last week I lost two days of work because we were looking after Mike's nieces. They are really good kids, but you can't read T.S. Eliot while trying to entertain a 6-year-old and 3-year-old. I did my best to keep the TV off as much as possible and be an interactive auntie -- yay me -- but kids just go go go and sometimes downtime is a good thing. I did manage to read the new Avon catalogues though. They reminded me that I need bubble bath.

Mike and I had a couple good arguments last week. I think it's the second-year-of-marriage thing. We spent two late nights trying to half-assedly figure out things like kids and romance and communication and the weather was shitty the next morning as a result, I think. It seems a lot of our friends are going through the same thing right now -- thinking about careers, where to live, when to have kids, how many etc. Aaron and Emily were over for dinner last night and they are officially not trying not to have kids which reaffirmed in us the feeling that we are not ready to have kids yet but it's on the horizon. The logistics of being pregnant suck though. I really do wish a stork could deliver kids, or we could buy them at the market. Whoever invented Cabbage Patch Kids had the right idea.

We had beers with Jamie and Teresa up in Cobble Hill on Saturday night. Jamie and Mike were harassed by a drunken 45-year-old who licked their ears while hitting on Teresa and I. Those crazy country folk. We ended up crashing at Jamie's parents place instead of sobering up to drive home, which makes two Saturdays in a row where I've not bothered to come home after beer drinking. Ha. It's like I'm a Master's student again!

Now I must continue reading T.S. Eliot and drink my very English tea. Cheerio and all that.
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oh my god, all this talk of babies!

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