Monday, October 31, 2005

News? We don't need no stinkin' news!

It's been a while since I've updated, but it's not my fault. Really. If you don't believe me (or even if you do -- I don't care, really), here is a brief chronology of the last week.

Mon. Oct. 24: Scheduled to pick up take-home candidacy exam at 9am. Actually pick up exam at 10am. Spend a lot of time reading and mulling over questions, and decide to do poetry question first. Make notes. Mull some more. Have a nap. Mull more. Waste time on the internet. Talk to mom; figure out I'm wasting time. Talk to Mike at work, who says "why don't you write your introductory paragraph before I get home." End up writing half of essay. Yay.

Tues. Oct. 25: Sleep in. Get up, putter, cruise the net, then get to work. Finish poetry essay, although not the conclusion. Start fiction essay. I am writing on post-colonialism, James Joyce and Roddy Doyle. I am insane. Joyce is hard. But rewarding. Have several lightbulb moments and really think I've hit something good. When body of essay is done I have dinner and some wine, then hit the hay.

Wed. Oct. 26: Get up at decent time, do the daily internet news/blog/hitched surf, think about drama essay, then drive Mike to work. Think about drama essay, and finish fiction essay. Whoo! Start drama mulling -- go over 7 plays and take notes. Go to meeting; come home and go over notes. Round down to three plays. Read Richard Eyre to help with essay. Actual writing of essay commences at around 7pm, and I finish 7 minutes before 9pm. It rolls off the pen -- amazing! Begin transcription of handwritten essays -- drama first, then fiction, which I half finish before picking up Mike (at just after 11pm). Come home, try to celebrate but am far too tired. Go to bed.

Thur. Oct. 27: Get up at 5:45 am to finish typing. Run out of printer paper. Go to school, finish printing, hand in essays. Go home. Have no clue what to do with myself but know I should sleep so do for a while. Get up, pack, go to Vancouver for VSAWC conference. Walk far too many block to actual conference, then skytrain to Scott's place. Exhaustion sets in.

The weekend was busy but fun. Friday I slept in a bit before heading to the conference, which was overall very interesting. I ran into an old friend from Kingston which was cool. The crowd was pretty quiet overall, although I'm sure it would have been different if I was older and staying at the Delta. That crowd seemed pretty social.

Saturday we had a pimp 'n ho party at Scott's place, which was a lot of fun. We played pimp 'n ho pictionary and debauchery ensued. Sunday I was brutally hungover so I slept for most of the day before we went to Will and Danuta's for an excellent spicy chicken dinner. Then we had to face the wrath of BC Ferries. They were most wrathful, as usual, and we didn't make it home until midnight. That's the island life for you.

Today I ran a whole whack of errands and had a late dinner with Mike. Tomorrow the new work schedule -- preparing for the major field (Victorian) exam -- begins.

Ugh. Just writing that made me tired.
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whew...remind me never to do my PhD...and if I insist, poke out my eye
Then you'd just be a one-eyed PhD student. :P

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