Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Migraines + Studying = bleargh

Today was a good reading day until I sat down to do my evening round after the hubster went to class. My neck was achy, my eyes were hurtin', I felt sick in the tum -- ugh, a migraine was coming on. I caught it early enough that a couple Aspirin and some coffee would have helped, but all I had was Tylenol and my tum was not up for coffee, especially the thought of leftover microwave-reheated coffee or instant crap. So I downed a bunch of water instead -- a poor substitute, but gentler on the stomach. I decided to try my non-drug solution of wrapping a scarf around my temples tightly, and of course the only scarf on hand is the green and yellow giant floral polyester number I bought for my Mrs. Jefferson halloween costume 2 years ago. So on it goes. My eyes were also starting to get a bit sore from reading so I grab my old glasses to help make the print bigger on my article. Then I catch a glance of myself in the mirror. Yikes. I looked like a stoned 60s philosophy prof. I also have a lovely cold sore which is now drying out so I look like a stoned 60s philosophy prof who took the free love vibe a bit too far and ended up catching herpes from whatever grad student they were doing at the time. Not a good look for me. So the "bleargh" above doesn't actually refer to my studying -- the scarf trick worked pretty well and I finished my article. It actually refers to what I looked like. That was some scary shit. I can only hope it wasn't some kind of freaky omen of what the future holds.

In other news, I accidentally recieved a full copy of my upcoming candidacy exam today. Luckily honest Doctor T did her duty (hee! I can't even write duty without laughing) and let the supervisor know right away. Really, it sucks more for the committee than for me. I just get a sneak peek -- they have to write a whole new exam. That's why Track Changes in Word should NEVER be on in the background!
doctor T 8:48 p.m.



And you're basically too honest for your own good...coulda just pretended you didn't see the exam :)
Pictures? Um, no. I do have some pride, you know!

I'm so honest, I'm practically a goody-goody. Hee. But really, can you imagine how horrible I would have felt if I hadn't told the truth and ended up doing shitty on the exam anyway? That would have sucked it. At least this way I have an excuse if my exam goes poorly.

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