Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Links -- What the Hell?

I haven't been doing this blog thing for a long time, but I've been doing my best to make my blog thematic, pretty, and decently entertaining (for me, at least). But I'm still at a loss as to linkage -- I mean, what the hell am I supposed to link to? Lately I've expanded my linkage to include some Victorian lit&culture links, primarily for my own ease but also so anyone interested in what I do can have a looksy. I've got a big 'ol list of Bloggin Bitches from my internet-hangout, but I must admit I'm tempted to trim them as some of the bitches aren't keeping the blogs up-to-date. The buddies category is made up of people I know in real life or otherwise whose blogs I read. The newest category is Bloggin in the Academy, as I wanted to keep university (and specifically humanities) blogs in a special place. But I don't read a lot of blogs, so the category looks pretty sad. But what's the point in linking to a whole bunch of blogs that I found on the blogs I read? That's like stealing linkage, and it seems fraudulent to me. I think I've got some bizarre ideal about organic linking and honest blog reading. I'm slowly trying to expand my blog world, but what I really want to read about -- other English academics slogging through the ivory tower life -- is hard to come across organically on the net. If anything can be organic on the net, it sure as hell isn't humanities scholars, as we're predominantly a technically-retarded bunch.

I think I'm putting a bit too much thought into this linkage thing. Hell, I think I'm putting a bit too much thought into my blog lately and not enough into the Rossettis and the Victoria prose genre. And hell, I say hell too much.
doctor T 2:15 p.m.


I wouldn't worry too much about hell. Or at least, about saying hell. Worrying about whether or not you might be going there is of course wholly acceptable - especially for Catholics.
I think you should trim your links to a chosen few. If you separate them into thematic groupings, maybe add in a few 'picture' links to make the column more click-inspiring. That's my two bits. Please sleep with me.

you have more links than anyone i know...altho i do come here to get to 'pink is the new blog.' i could just link to it myself but it seems so much easier to go to My Favourites>>Blogs/Homepages>>Dr. T Says...
I wish people would update their blog more often too.
You wouldn't believe the number of people who come to my blog through your site! Your links are definitely useful!

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