Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pre-exam bitch session!

My cat bit my hand last night. I moved her while she was asleep and she flipped out a bit and sunk a tooth into me. It was a just a little puncture wound, so I did my best to clean it out and bandage it up, but within an hour it was swelling up and going pink and my hand stiffened up. It was 2am. I had no car as Mike took it to the ferry. I had been reading queer theory articles and the Trials of Oscar Wilde all day and had yet to change out of my pyjamas. How sad is it that the only trip I made out of the house yesterday was to the ER at 3 in the morning? Le sigh.

Anyway, it's infected, so I'm on antibiotics and the lovely hospital staff gave me a tetanus shot as mine was out-of-date. The good news is that the bite is on my left hand so I can still write. The bad news is I didn't get home till after 6 this morning and didn't get up today till 3:30pm. I have two full days left before my major field exam, and if my sleep schedule is fubared I will a)not have much energy to do a good review/read session, and b)will likely get a shitty sleep the night before the exam.

Bleargh. I could really use a pint right now.
doctor T 7:02 p.m.


was it tess? i can't believe it got infected that fast! i have two words: hydrogen peroxide - i put it on any scrape/puncture even tho morgan says it makes you scar
Yeah, it was Tess. I put hydrogen peroxide on it but it's such a tiny spot -- it looks like a pink prick -- that it didn't really do much. I would have much preferred a giant gash as it would have been easier to clean.

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