Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Waiting...and Waiting...and some more (wait for it!) Waiting....

I always see stats about how many hours of one's life are spent sleeping, eating, walking, etc. But how much is spent waiting? If you're an academic (or a prospective academic), I'd wager that about 30% of your life is spent waiting. For instance, I recieved an email reply 6 weeks after I'd sent the original question, and organizing any sort of committee takes a minimum of a month, even if everyone is available, ready and willing. I'm fortunately in that my supervisor is always on the ball -- the longest I've ever had to wait for any reply is a weekend -- but it just makes everyone else seem slow and/or totally clueless.

Right now I really have nothing personal I'm waiting for, but the hubster is still waiting to hear from his PhD-uni-of-choice, and noone at said uni seems to think this is a big deal. The secretary and grad chair readily admit to not having results yet, and while I understand that everyone is busy at this time of year (although I'd be hard-pressed to name a time of year, besides June and July, when academics aren't busy), it's the middle of fucking APRIL! Even PhD-uni-of-second-choice hasn't sent out an official letter. The hubster only knows that he didn't get in because he emailed the grad secretary for an update.

Patience is apparently a virtue, but what's so great about it anyway? I'm sure in the grand scheme of things, patience is right up there with not throwing your toenail clippings at other people. I never claimed to be a virtuous person anyway.
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I think this is one of the most frustrating things about life as an academic! It seems we are always waiting to hear about things, often things that may have a significant impact on the course of our career. We wait several months to hear back from grad school applications, grant applications, job applications, job interviews, etc. Then there is the whole waiting-game surrounding publishing! I know this is just part of the lifestyle we have selected, but I am like you and have a hard time being patient!

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