Monday, May 15, 2006

A New Week Calls For a New Work Plan

Accountability is important, right? Here's my plan for today:
Last night we had dinner with some friends who just bought a house right around the corner from us. Being able to afford a house is such a far-off dream for us right now and it's kinda hard to see your friends do it. Why didn't I go to med school again?

Oh right, because the PhD is just so rewarding. [/end sarcasm]
doctor T 12:15 p.m.


You have friends who bought a house here? And could afford it? I fully understand that difficulty, of watching other people be able to afford it. Before we decided that I was going to do my PhD right after my MA, we were going to be living in a small Saskatchewan town, where my husband was teaching. We would have been starting off in a nice house, with little debt. So much for that.
Well, as they said, they really own very little of the house -- their parents own 1/4 of it and gave them the down payment, and that's why they could afford to buy, and the bank owns the rest. Plus, she's a medical resident, so the bank plugs in her anticipated income rather than her current income (although her current income is still more than double what I make).

Victoria is a pretty brutal place to buy -- to be fair, most of our other friends live in other parts of the province or country where the market isn't as stupid.

But hey, it's pretty here, right? Sigh.

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