Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So I'm a shitty blogger. I ADMIT IT! GET OFF MY BACK ALREADY! Sheeesh.

Actually, not a soul has commented on my lack of blogging recently. That's really pathetic -- it means you're all used to me taking long breaks from writing and it doesn't even bother you. Well, it should. So there. Bah.

Anyway, onto some news. I'm now TAing for a course outside of my home department, and I've just received word that I've got an RA job in my department -- and in my actual field of expertise to boot. I knew the fall would be better than the summer. No cast, more money, actual work commitments and scheduling -- this is the life every academic dreams of! Although the no cast thing is probably of less importance to others. It's damn important to me though.

On the downside, my place is a total pigsty and I hate cleaning. Anyone willing to trade some writing lessons for housecleaning?
doctor T 2:35 p.m.


Hey. Just started reading your blog, though we've talked before. I would have totally noticed that you hadn't been blogging and missed you... if I had been reading then. But am now! I'm applying to start my PhD in Eng Ed next fall. I can't clean house either, I'll have to remember the writing lesson idea. That might work...

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