Monday, December 11, 2006

10 Things for Monday

(Thanks to Furry Floors for the inspiration.)

1. I have a cold, so I'm feeling rather crap.
2. Christmas is a mere two weeks away, and I'm nowhere near being in the holiday swing of things. I need a tree, decorations, more hot apple cider and a party or two.
3. All the snow is gone. The weather is now typical island winter weather -- blustery, rainy, gray.
4. I'm pretty sure I could eat a horse today and still have that weird empty-tummy feeling.
5. I officially started my Xmas shopping yesterday.
6. I anticipate being able to run again in the new year (yay!).
7. I've decided to host a pre-Christmas dinner at our place so I have a good excuse to make Ukrainian food, drink fancy booze and eat our famous stuffing.
8. I'm contemplating auditing a German speaking class in the spring or summer semester.
9. University scholarship awarding processes suck ass.
10. Today is all about the marking.
doctor T 2:26 p.m.


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