Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's the end of April?

Where did this semester go?

I'm in the final stages of revising my dissertation proposal for the second time. I have a decent working bibliography going, and my critical reading is going well. My dissertation notebook is slowly filling up.

I was part of a seminar last week on how to pass your comps. I tried to give the students who are writing next year the dirt on how to study, how to write and how not to go crazy. Yisrael, another PhD candidate, said the exams were the worst part of the degree -- hellish, actually. I didn't find them hellish so much as ridiculous. The reading is great, the writing is stupid, and it's grand to have them out of the way.

I'm devoting the summer to writing and research. I've decided not to take on another TA position as I'm teaching next fall and spring. I'm applying for another student loan because the money will come in handy during Mike's off season. I'd like to get a trip up to the Comox Valley in some time, and perhaps a trip to a couple of the Gulf Islands.

The weather has been grand lately and I'm running regularly. I've painted my office, created a new desk from old furniture bits we had lying around, and today our landlord gave us a kick-ass marble-topped cafe table for the patio so I can work outside as well.

Bring on the sun. I'm hoping for a productive summer.
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