Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How can I be so good at teaching one thing....

....and struggle so much teaching another?

I'm finding my teaching this semester weird. When it's discussion and an author I enjoy, I really like it. When it comes to teaching the technical shit, and straight-up lecturing, which you'd think would be easier because it's scripted, I flounder. I don't like it. It's so draining, and I just want to do more. But I have to cover the basics. That's why courses like this suck -- because what is basic groundwork for one student might be old news to another. Because we're supposed to be moving towards "standard" assignments and evaluation, but it makes me feel like an automaton.

Hopefully Friday will be better -- I'm doing a Treava-style tour of the library and then giving them a library scavenger hunt assignment. Maybe a day out of the class will give me the punch in the gut I need.
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Oh, I love the idea of a library scavenger hunt assignment!! Can you tell us a bit more about what you do here?
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